We are reckoned as one of the preeminent De-oiled Tamarind starch Powder Manufacturers in India. The Deoiled Tamarind starch Powder, offered by us, is processed from high quality Tamarind Seeds. The unmatched quality has attracted various national as well as international clients to place repeated orders. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Tamarind starch Deoiled Powder hygienically packed free from all the external contaminants.

  1. Textile Printing - Reduces warp breakage; reduce dusting film forming thickening for dyeing
  2. Paper - Replaces hemicelluloses, increases strength, fold pick, pulp hydration retention of fines; decreases porosity
  3. Ceramics - Enamels, electro ceramics Fixing, binding, thickening agent
  4. Photography - Emulsions, gelatin solution Gelling, hardening agent
  5. Synthetic Resins - Polymerization, suspension, collagen dispersion Thickening, binding agent
  6. Cosmetics - Ointments Lotions Tablets Hair Shampoos Hair Conditioner Thickening agent. Gives unctuousness disintegrating and granulating agent, detergent compatible protective colloid, film forming agent, thickener.
Composition of Deoiled Tamarind Starch Powder

Color:Creamy white
Fineness: Passing 100 Mesh 100%
:Passing 200 Mesh 90%
Moisture:10% Max
Ash Content:4 - 5% Max
Protein:15 - 19%
Crude Fibre:1%
Oil Content:1.5%
pH value (4% Solution):6 - 8
Insoluble residue:1% Max
Shelf Life:1 Year
Viscosity of 4% paste by Brooke
Field Viscometer Spindle No. 4,
At 20 RPM at 25Deg. C
:Around 7000 CPS