Guar Gum for Pharmaceutical

Guar gum powder is used in pharmaceutical industries as Gelling/ Viscosifying/Thickening, Suspension, Stabilization, Emulsification, Preservation, Water Retention/Water Phase control, Binding, Clouding/Bodying, Process aid, Pour control for following applications.

In tablet manufacturing it is used as a binder and disintegrating agent and in micro-encapsulation of drugs.
  1. Suspensions
  2. Anti-acid formulations
  3. Tablet binding and disintegration agent
  4. Controlled drug delivery systems
  5. Slimming aids
  6. Nutritional foods
Guar Gum is an important non-caloric source of soluble dietary fiber. Guar gum powder is widely used in capsules as dietary fiber. Fiber is a very important element of any healthy diet. It is useful in clear and cleanses the intestinal system since fiber can not be digested. This keeps the intestines functioning properly and also improves certain disorders and ailments. All natural fiber diet works with body to achieve a feeling of fullness and to reduce hunger. Its synergistic mix of guar gum and fiber mixture when taken with water expands in stomach to produce a feeling of fullness.