PVC pipes generally have high mechanical strength and as such 'Kirti Pipes' Rigid PVC Conduits can be used in opened and buried installations.

High Corrosion Resistance
Rigid PVC conduits are free from rust and not attacked by corrosive saline atmosphere and excessive humidity.

Fire resistance
Rigid PVC Conduits are fire retardant and self extinguishing. Hence they are less hazardous and safer than other thermoplastic pipes.

The electrical conductivity of PVC is low and therefore this is most suitable as electrical conduits.

PVC is a non - conductor of electricity and as such 'Kirti Pipes' Rigid PVC Conduits prevent electrical shocks and shorts.

Light weight
Rigid PVC Conduits weigh only 1/6th as much as Steel conduits of same diameter and therefore easy to handle, transport and install.

Easy wiring
Rigid PVC Conduits have smooth interior wall which makes wiring easier and faster.

Easy installation
Rigid PVC Conduits can be shaped and joined without difficulty. Bends can be made by heating. Joining by solvent cement technique is cheaper, simpler and easier.

No maintenance
PVC Conduit pipes do not need any painting and has excellent weathering properties. Hence Rigid PVC Conduits need little or no maintenance.